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31 Oct
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Beyond Zero Campaign Headed for Nakuru County

Nakuru, Kenya 31st October 2014 -Nakuru County is set to benefit from the Beyond Zero Campaign after First Lady Margaret Kenyatta promised to hand over a Beyond Zero Mobile Clinic to the County.

Speaking after officially opening the Assumption Sisters of Nairobi (ASN) Upendo Village Social Services Building in Lakeview Ward, Naivasha yesterday, she said the campaign was still “well on course.”

“Our Beyond Zero campaign for maternal death and new HIV/Aids infection is within the targets,” she said.

She hailed the village for their initiative in supporting the orphaned children whose parents have succumbed to the HIV/Aids.

Speaking at the same forum, the Nakuru County governor Kinuthia Mbugua said the county had set aside Sh 55 million to support in the fight against HIV/Aids scourge.


“Each ward will receive at least Sh 1 million to support the fight against HIV/Aids initiative, “he said.

In response to a request by the village’ administrators, Mr Mbugua said the County will, in its budget, factor in the baby formula to support the Upendo Village.

The village founder Sr. Florence Muia said watching all the suffering, and succumbing to the HIV/Aids Scourge was heart wrenching for her.

“I realized that I needed to establish a Kenyan project by and for the Kenyan people. My vision was for a safe haven for women, men, and children affected by the disease. I wanted to call this sanctuary ‘Upendo Village,” she said.

Sister Muia said they were in the process of making the village self-sustaining by starting income generating projects.

Present at the function included Nakuru County First Lady Mrs. Lucia Mbugua, Naivasha MP John Kihagi, Speaker of the County Assembly Hon. Susan Kihika, Nakuru County Women representative Mary Mbugua and other leaders and executives from Nakuru County.

Photos: Mwangi Macharia.

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30 Oct
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Another Big Step for Nakuru as Governor assents to 5 Bills

Nakuru County Governor H.E Kinuthia Mbugua has today Thursday signed into law five Bills at the County Headquarters.

The Bills that were submitted by the County Assembly Speaker Susan Kihika for assent are the Nakuru County Petitions to County Assembly (precedent) Bill, the Vocational and Technical (Polytechnics) Bill, the Agricultural Development Fund Bill, the Public Entertainment and Amenities Bill and the Vetting and Appointment of Public Officers (County Approval).

Present at the ceremony was Nakuru County Assembly Majority Leader Hon. Waithuke Njane, Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto, County Secretary Jospeh Motari,amongst other top officials from the Executive and the County Assembly.

The Bills in Detail;

The county has developed a framework to facilitate the growth/development of the Agricultural sector in the county which will result into creation of employment and contribute to better the economic status of the residents.
The bill aims at realizing various objectives among them;
• Enhancement of production
• Improve quality of products through value addition
• Facilitate location of markets and access to markets for the Agricultural products.
• The county Government has through the framework established an Agricultural Development Fund to finance the agricultural sector, whose aim is to improve the economic status of farmers who are a majority in the county.
Facilitation of Growth and Development
This will be achieved through various means among them;
• Provision of credit to eligible borrowers
• Provision of farm inputs e.g. fertilizer, seeds etc.
• Conduct market research and provision of market infrastructure.
• Finance irrigation projects e.g. drilling of boreholes in dry areas and/or areas with erratic rains.
• Finance development of storage facilities and bulk processing facilities.
• Promote development of value addition infrastructural facilities e.g. through provision of electricity and water in rural areas.
• Promote the development of agricultural products for export.
• Facilitate provision of incentives to farmers.
• Facilitate prioritization of community –based projects.


The county realized the importance of having a legal framework for citizens to engage with it on its responsibility and also enhance public participation and efficiency.
The law seeks to fulfill various objectives among them;
• To realize the citizens Right to petition to the county Assembly on any matter touching on the responsibility of the County Government as envisaged in section 15 of the County Government Act 2012.
• The Law does enhances the constitutional principle of public participation.
• The Law enhances accountability of the County Government to the citizens.
• The Act provides for a clear procedure to be followed when petitioning to the county Assembly and how the petition is to be processed.
• A simplified form of the petition is provided to accommodate all citizens.
• Citizens unable to petition can do so through the help of MCAs.


The Act aims at regulating, protecting and promoting public entertainment and public amenities for the interests and enjoyment of citizens.
• The Law regulates public entertainment and how public amenities are to be used.

Regulatory and protective function

• Protection of the public, especially children and vulnerable persons, against disadvantages of specific entertainments.
• Procedure for receiving and investigating complaints on practices within specific public entertainment is provided in the Act (this enhances public involvement).
• Regulate establishment of places of public entertainment within the county (this enhance proper planning).
• Licensing private public amenities established for the benefit of the community.
• Facilitates realization of citizens Human Rights by ensuring public amenities conform to the health, safety and environmental standards including noise pollution and common decency.
• Ensure minimum standards for public amenities are attained.

Promotional Function
• The Act provides a framework for identification and development of talent within the county.
• Sensitization (citizens conscious raising) on particular areas on the effects of setting up a particular entertainment in the community.


The County acknowledges the importance of providing a structured guideline for vetting of public officers and participation of the public in the process.
The Act seeks to achieve several objectives among them;
• Provide a legal framework to guide the vetting of officers to which the offices they occupy require vetting as envisaged in the constitution e.g. the County Executive Committee Members and the Chief Officers at the county level.
• Vetting ensures that suitable candidates occupy public offices.
• The Act provides for the procedure on hoe citizens can participate in the vetting process.
• Citizens are given a chance to objectively contest the suitability of a person to be appointed to an office.
• The Act provides for a procedure for citizens to be heard at the approval hearings (where necessary).
• The Act upholds and enhances the principles and values of openness and transparency at the approval hearings as envisaged in the constitution.
• The Law provides a criteria for an objective vetting (which averts issues of discrimination and bias) that might otherwise arise.
• A clear guideline with regard to dealing with cases where a candidate has either been approved or disapproved ate provided.



This legal framework provides a basis for establishment of and development of polytechnics in the county aimed at facilitating the acquisition of occupational trade skills by young persons.
• The Act will further positively impact on the county economy through training and exchange of knowledge among our young persons.
• The framework provides a guideline on the process and procedure of registration of polytechnics within the county.
• Standards to be adhered to , to ensure quality of education in the county which will ensure our competitive advantage are also set out in the Law, this will be achieved through setting up of an academic board and partnering with the County Education Board.

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