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26 Feb
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Modern Waste Management Plant Headed For Nakuru

NAKURU, Kenya 26th February 2015 – H.E the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua is currently finalizing arrangements with an international solid waste management company in Finland that will see the County acquire an energy production/waste management plant that will improve the management of the solid waste sector.

Speaking from Lahti, Finland today after touring the Nocart Ltd, – an environment conscious energy company that uses multiple sources to produce high quality electricity for use and storage – he said the long standing challenges with waste management in the county is about to become a thing of the past.

He promised the residents of Nakuru that they will soon experience the positive impact that will come out of the major investment at the same time benefit from it.


Governor Mbugua termed the collaboration with the Finnish company as a breakthrough for the county that has for many years been challenged by the amount of garbage accumulating, with a case in point, the “Gioto Dumpsite” among others.

“My government is fully committed in managing the waste in this county and use it to produce energy as a long term management strategy” he said.

The plant will generate electricity, bio diesel, produce tissue paper and create hundreds of employment opportunities.


The unique technology will see the production of high quality green electricity for all needs including a modern environment friendly landfill and waste recycling plant.

“Research has indicated that over 3000 tonnes of garbage produced in Nakuru town could support the establishment of a power generation plant.” He added.

Governor Mbugua who left the country yesterday for the 3 day trip, is scheduled to meet other potential partners who will be looking to collaborate with the County and invest in various sectors.

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19 Feb
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FACTS: On Geothermal Power Generation in Nakuru County

  • Nakuru County is home to the single largest geothermal plant in Africa.
  • The 140MW OlKaria 1 Power Plant launched today by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, is the last phase of the 280 MW of Olkaria geothermal power, a move that is expected to further stabilize the cost of electricity in the country.
  • At 7 cents, geothermal energy is among the cheapest renewable sources of electricity in the country and the world.


  • Following the addition to the national grid of 280 MW geothermal power, the cost of Fuel cost component, the single biggest item on the bills, has fallen to a low of KShs/kWh 2.51 in February 2015.
  • County Government of Nakuru is already partnering with other energy companies such as Geothermal Development Company (GDC) and KENGEN to ensure that the energy generated benefits the residents of Nakuru County as well as the country.
  • The 280MW launched in December 2014 has been running stable on the grid and has helped reduce the cost of power by displacing the expensive thermal fuel.


  • The cost of fuel cost adjustment, the single major cost item on the power bills has dropped nearly three fold to Sh2.51 per kwh in the February, down from Sh7.22 per kwh in August last year when the first unit of the 280MW project started injecting to the national grid.


  • The Olkaria 280MW project comprises the 140MW Olkaria IV and the Olkaria I units 4 and 5 each with a capacity of 70MW.
  • The country has not experienced power rationing despite low water levels in the hydro generation dams on the Tana Cascade. “This is because the 280 MW project has helped to bridge the power deficit.



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