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30 Nov
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Leaders Should Avoid Divisive Politics says Governor Mbugua, Deputy Governor Rutto

By Jackie Ruto

Nakuru county leadership has taken issue with Senator James Muigai for engaging in baseless and incisive politics that is intended to bring division in the county.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua speaking at a function in Njoro, lamented that the senator has been holding meetings with the youth and using money to propagate negative issues about the county, which are untrue.

‘How can someone who is never seen in the county and only appears every six months know what is going on? As a leader, you should be on the forefront in serving the people of Nakuru instead of sitting on the fence and engaging in baseless politics,’ said Mbugua.

Mbugua added that everyone and especially leaders in the county should get their facts right while discussing issues of the county.

Misplaced facts and lack of information, said the governor, were the reasons some of these leaders attack the government.

‘It is true we had an audit query just like any other county government but it’s not that ours was special.

The senate summoned me and I appeared to answer to the queries. Why would someone who is a leader in the county not get his facts right about this report? Why would he hold meetings in hotels to discuss this report?’ he posed.

He said that it was queer that only one out of over 10 leaders in the county is the one who doesn’t work in unity with the county government adding that the recent step by the Senator of repairing of roads in Naivasha using his machines are only meant to discredit what the county government is doing.

‘We know that the issue of the senator of repairing roads is his personal business and its okay because we have roads everywhere that can be repaired but let him not use this to dishonor the efforts the county is putting in development matters,’ said Mbugua.

Mbugua called on Nakuru resident to appreciate all efforts put by the county government to bring change in their lives adding that most development challenges were inherited but with time they shall be overcome.

At the same time, Nakuru County Deputy Governor Joseph Rutto has also dismissed claims by Senator James Mungai that the County Government of Nakuru is ineffective as baseless and laced with malice for political gain.

Speaking separately at his office, Rutto has said the Nakuru Senator has abandoned the responsibilities he was elected for by the people and assumed the role of an absentee prefect instead of join hands with other Nakuru leaders to improve the county.

‘James is a visitor to our county. How many times has he been here? If I go to any of our sub-county with James will people recognize him as their senator? People are asking where did James go to? He appears when inciting the people against the County Government of Nakuru and other elected leaders’, said the Deputy Governor.

Rutto has faulted the manner in which the Senator publicly unfairly attacked the County Government terming it a bad example of leadership.

‘The Senator should have first clarified issues with us before calling a press conference to falsely accuse the county Government or call us to his meeting to respond to his allegations’, said the Nakuru Deputy Governor.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has been called to several sittings in the Senate where James himself seats. The rule requires when a Governor appears before the Senate, the County Senator must be present, therefore, it is dangerous for a man of this stature to engage in reckless abandon activities which are tantamount to public incitement added Rutto.

He further said, ‘we are yet to go back to the Senate and clear some issues, thus the Senators remarks can be taken as prejudice’, said the Deputy Governor.

Rutto also noted that the Senator should get his facts correct. He highlighted that 550 km of roads have been murramed and 1300 km graded.

‘We have not done any tarmac road as the Senator claims, this is his own creation, from a visitor who is not averse with progress in Nakuru County’, said Rutto.

He, however, said the only tarmacs done by the County Government have been through partnerships such as the World Bank funded Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Program (KISSIP).

The Deputy Governor said the County Government of Nakuru has built and rehabilitated markets in all the 11 sub-counties such as the Wakulima, Kiratina and the upcoming Nasha Market in Nakuru East.

On the PGH renovation funds that are alleged to have been lost, their diversion to other development activities has been satisfactorily explained to the County Assembly and Senate affirmed Joseph Rutto.

He said Nakuru County has achieved cordial working relationship with its health workers and since devolution the County Government has channeled over half a billion shillings in the supply of drugs and other medical supplies to all health facilities in the county.

The Deputy Governor added that the query of Ksh 9 million on between KRA and the County Government was there and was a penalty by the taxman for non-remittance of July and August taxes for the financial year 2014/2015 that was occasioned by the delay of fund release by the national government.

On El Nino, the Deputy Governor was categorical to the Senator that the County Government of Nakuru has not received any funds from the national government for mitigation measures, nonetheless, he noted the county is prepared to deal with the effects of the torrential rains.

Rutto also faulted the Senator for failing to work with the Nakuru County Assembly but has instead taken to lambasting the very house he is required by law to guide.

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19 Nov
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Nakuru’s Free Wifi Bilawaya, Scoops AfriCom Award.

NAKURU, Kenya 19th November 2015 – Nakuru free Wi-Fi dubbed Bilawaya emerged a winner at the Africom Awards held Wednesday evening in Cape Town, South Africa.

Through its partners Liquid Telecom Kenya and the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit – Digital the free wireless internet initiative known as Bilawaya beat a total of 10 top level nominees to win the ‘’Changing Lives” category. Nakuru County Bilawaya won due to its impact in empowering livelihoods to its residents at no cost.

The award which was received by Liquid CEO Ben Roberts at the glitzy affair, seeks to recognize an inspiring initiative that has significantly impacted African communications in the community and contributed to economic and social development.

Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecoms CEO after receiving the award on behalf of Liquid, PSCU-Digital and County Government of Nakuru

Speaking after receiving the good news, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua thanked the people of Nakuru for their patience after the unexpected start to the initiative.

“This indeed is very exciting news for Nakuru County and I would like to thank Nakuru residents for their patience after the bad start to this very important initiative. Indeed we had very many teething problems initially but through consultations with the users and engaging a company that was committed in rectifying the problem, we have finally kept our promise and it will only get better.”

Governor Mbugua also noted that the enabling of this project was key as it was envisaged to boost various aspects of development in the county.

“ From the onset we had a vision of transforming our County and making it digital and with such a recognition it goes to show that we are on the right path. This initiative will continue to enable rapid access to information, which is vital for economic development.” Said Mbugua.

He added- “We have now provided free internet. This now helps us move forward to ensure better research for our students, provision of digital libraries and citizen engagement and feedback in governance.

Since the revamping of the Bilawaya initiative, in March this year a lot of gains have been achieved. This is as indicated via measured results through the sites portal, where the county government has been able to communicate with users and gather valuable information on their needs and behavior – for example through Google analytics that measure visitor numbers and other tools that measure bandwidth utilization.

The analytics show that already an average of 10,000 unique visitors log in to the service – and this number will undoubtedly grow as word spreads.

This hugely positive response has in turn triggered demand for WiFi services across the entire country of Kenya and our technical partner Liquid Telecom has already been approached by five other county governments to implement a similar solution for their citizens.

The technology being used for the Bilawaya service is of high calibre and it is built around strategic points accessed by the highest proportions of the town’s population.

More than 51 nodes are already installed, designed to carry huge capacities with the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions to guarantee maximum and uninterrupted speeds while surfing.

Meanwhile the County Government of Nakuru is rolling out the Bilawaya network to other sub-counties to meet demand including Naivasha and Gilgil, as well as Egerton University in Njoro, will be connected in due course, as well as more streets and public areas within the Nakuru Town CBD will be installed and the improvement of the existing network.

This project is the first of its kind in Kenya, and sees Nakuru join Kigali in Rwanda and Tshwane in South Africa as the first major urban centres in Africa to enjoy access to free public WiFi.

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