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29 Dec
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County Govt Gives a Helping Hand to Narok Clashes Victims

NAKURU, Kenya 29th December 2015 – County Government of Nakuru has affirmed its commitment in assisting the families that fled into the county following the recent skirmishes in Narok.

Speaking yesterday at Olenguruone DEB Secondary where the 680 displaced families are camped, Nakuru Deputy Governor Joseph Rutto denied reports saying the clashes are between two communities from Nakuru and Narok.


Ruto was speaking after donating foodstuff, blankets and drugs to the affected families taking refuge at the school. At the same time he has cautioned especially the youth from being used as agents of violence.

‘This fighting is not between Nakuru and Narok County, in Olenguruone and the entire Kuresoi South there is peace, Narok people are fighting and Nakuru County is only assisting neighbors’, said Rutto.


He added Nakuru County is ready to stand with the affected people and is working with Red Cross and other stakeholders to ensure the families are assisted and we will continue to do so until they return to their homes.

Rutto reaffirmed the commitment of both the national and county governments to restoring peace and order saying that within a week all displaced people will be assisted to return to their homes.

Samuel King’ori, the Nakuru County Public Health Officer said health safety of the families camping at Olenguruone has been assured by providing sanitation facilities, saying the County Government has also given over 1000 packets of sanitary pads.


The Deputy Governor added a consignment of drugs worth over Ksh 1 million has been donated by the County Government of Nakuru to provide basic health care and mitigate any emergency.

James Gichimo, the Red Cross Branch Coordinator Nakuru lauded the teamwork between his organization and the County Government of Nakuru and other stakeholders involved saying this is critical in mitigating such occurrences.


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22 Dec
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Governor Mbugua Urges Staff to Strive to Bring Honor to the County Govt

By David Kimani

NAKURU, Kenya 22nd December, 2015 – Employees of the County Government of Nakuru have been urged to be responsible in their work and to ensure their actions always demonstrate respect for the people they serve and bring honor the county and dignity to the offices they hold.

Speaking yesterday at Nakuru Boys High School, where the end of year prayers for all county employees were held, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua urged all employees to take seriously service to the people.

At the same time, he lauded the initiatives and efforts expended by the county employees in serving the residents of Nakuru. Noting that last week, over four counties were in Nakuru for benchmarking.

‘‘This is a clear indication that public service in Nakuru is working and our practices can be simulated elsewhere for better results of devolution to the people’, affirmed Governor Mbugua.

He assured the employees that they are the most important asset of the County Government of Nakuru and in spite of rank or position they must be treated with respect and dignity.

Governor Mbugua further said all employees of his government must be confident and at all times and must be able to answer questions or handle situations the way he himself would do.

The Governor stressed on the importance of mainstreaming and securing revenue collection in the county and drew a relationship between this and growth that safeguards the concerns of both residents and employees.

‘The mission of the County Government of Nakuru while protecting the concerns of its employees is to provide basic services to the people. To succeed in this work revenue mobilization is vital and we must all work together to secure it’, said Governor Mbugua.
John Ndunda, the Secretary of Kenya County Government Workers Union said Governor Mbugua’s leadership has inspired confidence in all employees as on the onset of devolution employees of former municipal council among others were skeptical if they would be paid salaries under the devolution dispensation.

‘We are paid salaries on time and on rare occasions we have had delays in this county, we do not take this for granted and in an equal measure we appreciate our Governor’s efforts in reaching to all employees, even to the lowest cadres’, said Ndunda.

Governor Mbugua said his government is working to manage the wage bill of over 5,000 employees in the county.

He noted that promotions will be done as well as rationalization of staff so as to have a balanced distribution of employees in all the Sub-Counties.

The Nakuru Governor also allayed fears that his government will retrench employees. He urged the workers to keep on striving to improve their performance and acquiring new skills to justify their pay.

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