Subject to the provisions of The Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011, a Board of a Municipality shall:-

  • Oversee the affairs of the Municipality
  • Develop and adopt policies, plans, strategies and programs and may set targets for delivery of services
  • Formulate and implement an integrated development plan
  • Control land use, land sub-division, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including industry, commerce, markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential areas, recreational areas, parks, entertainment, passenger transport, agriculture and freight and transit stations within the framework of the spatial and master plans
    for the city or municipality as may be delegated by the County Government.
  • As may be delegated by the County Government, promote and undertake infrastructural development and services within the city or municipality.
  • Develop and manage schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant National and County agencies.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database and information system of the administration and provide public access thereto upon payment of nominal fee to be determined by the Board.
  • Administer and regulate its internal affairs.
  • Implement applicable National and County legislation.
  • Enter into such contracts, partnership or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for the
    discharge of its functions under this Act or other written law.
  • Monitor and where appropriate regulate City and Municipal services where those services are provided by service providers other than the Board of the City or Municipality.
  • Prepare and submit its annual budget estimates to the relevant County Treasury for consideration and submission to the County Assembly for approval as part of the annual County Appropriation Bill.
  • As may be delegated by the County Government, collect rates, taxes levies, duties, fees and surcharges on fees.
  • Settle and implement tariff, rates and tax and debt collection policies as delegated by the County Government.
  • Monitor the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies programs or plans.
  • Establish, implement and monitor performance management system.
  • Promote a safe and healthy environment.
  • Facilitate and regulate public transport and
  • Perform such other functions as may be delegated to it by the County Government or as may be provided for by any written law.

Nakuru Municipal Board Members

He is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a former chairman of Rift Valley law society. He is currently the County Executive committee member in charge of the department of lands, housing, and physical planning, Nakuru county government.

Chief Officer-Lands, Housing, and physical planning, Nakuru County. Acting municipal manager,NaivashaMunicipality. Team leaderNakuruTitling program committee. Business lady in Nakuru County and beyond. Holds Masters in strategic management from LaikipiaUniversity. Holds Bachelors of Arts–Land economics (valuer) from the University of Nairobi. A member of the Institute of surveyors of Kenya. A certified professional mediator(MTI) EastAfrica. Consultants for TV properties show Kenya. A director of the Aberdare Royal Homes Community. She has 15 years of experience in real estate issues(valuation management, agency, feasibility studies, disputes resolutions and gated communities planning and management).

Judy Leah Gathoni


Bachelor of Science in Accounting Member-Finance &Administration -Trade, Tourism& Investment

Stella Wanjiru

Chairperson Nakuru

Raymond has vast experience in leadership and management having served in the Kenya Defence Forces in various capacities through the ranks until his retirement in the rank of a Colonel. After military service, Raymond had served in various schools and colleges as member of Board of Management. He also served as the Board Director and Vice Chairman of Nakuru Rural Water and Sanitation Services Company Ltd for a period of two years. He is a graduate of National Defence College(NDC), Kenya and the South African Defence College(SANDC). He holds a Diploma in International Relations Studies from the University of Nairobi. He now runs his real estate business and private security consultancy and training.

Naivasha Municipal Board Members

In addition to Executive Leadership and Mentoring skills acquired through Cornel University’s learning program, Sam is a specialist in Natural Resource Management and Planning, Environmental Policy, Environmental Assessment and Audit, DisasterRiskReduction, WildlifeConservationand WildlifeSecurity, CivilSocietyCapacityDevelopment, and, Program DevelopmentandManagement. He has held various senior management and executive leadership positions within the government of Kenya and USAID, as well as an international Non-Governmental Organization-WWF.With29years practical experience in this field, he is particularly interested in the concept of Payment for ecosystem services(PES)as an economic incentive that ensures the flow of ecosystem services and as a means to addressing the three key development challenges of Kenya and EastAfrica–climate change,biodiversity conservation, and,sustainable access to water and sanitation. Sam is a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy, University of Nairobi, and, has been a resident of Naivasha Municipality since 1995.

Sam Weru


Holds a Law Degree from the University of Kent. Holds an International Business Administration Degree from United States International University (USIU). She is an advocate of the high court of Kenya. Has been practicing law for more than 15 years. Currently practicing law at her firm/SMuigai-Gatei&COAdvocates She has a wealth of experience in the legal field having also worked in the UK and USA.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Technology from MasenoUniversity.He is a team leader & player with experience in ICT, Administration, and management. Has worked as ICT supervisor for Independent Election  and Boundary Commission and Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.Previously and currently serving on various school boards.

Technical Manager-Solinc EastAfrica Limited. Businessman Nakuru County. Holds BSC in Chemistry from  NairobiUniversity, Diploma in analytical chemistry from Nairobi Technical Training Institutes. He has 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry where he has worked with various multinational firms. He has vast experience in ISO management systems

Municipal Downloads

Nakuru Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.3Download



Nakuru Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.2Download

Naivasha Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.2Download

Nakuru Municipal Board BudgetDownload

Nakuru Municipal Budget 2 Download