Subject to the provisions of The Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011, a Board of a Municipality shall:-

  • Oversee the affairs of the Municipality
  • Develop and adopt policies, plans, strategies and programs and may set targets for delivery of services
  • Formulate and implement an integrated development plan
  • Control land use, land sub-division, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including industry, commerce, markets, shopping and other employment centers, residential areas, recreational areas, parks, entertainment, passenger transport, agriculture and freight and transit stations within the framework of the spatial and master plans
    for the city or municipality as may be delegated by the County Government.
  • As may be delegated by the County Government, promote and undertake infrastructural development and services within the city or municipality.
  • Develop and manage schemes, including site development in collaboration with the relevant National and County agencies.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database and information system of the administration and provide public access thereto upon payment of nominal fee to be determined by the Board.
  • Administer and regulate its internal affairs.
  • Implement applicable National and County legislation.
  • Enter into such contracts, partnership or joint ventures as it may consider necessary for the
    discharge of its functions under this Act or other written law.
  • Monitor and where appropriate regulate City and Municipal services where those services are provided by service providers other than the Board of the City or Municipality.
  • Prepare and submit its annual budget estimates to the relevant County Treasury for consideration and submission to the County Assembly for approval as part of the annual County Appropriation Bill.
  • As may be delegated by the County Government, collect rates, taxes levies, duties, fees and surcharges on fees.
  • Settle and implement tariff, rates and tax and debt collection policies as delegated by the County Government.
  • Monitor the impact and effectiveness of any services, policies programs or plans.
  • Establish, implement and monitor performance management system.
  • Promote a safe and healthy environment.
  • Facilitate and regulate public transport and
  • Perform such other functions as may be delegated to it by the County Government or as may be provided for by any written law.

Nakuru Municipal Board Members

Esther Muthoni Githinji is a registered and practicing Physical/urban planner and a Director of E&G Spatial Consultants Limited. She holds an MSC Degree in Geo-Information Science (GIS) and Earth Observation (Remote Sensing) in Urban Planning and Management at ITC, University of Twente, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Nairobi. She has more than ten years of professional experience in urban & regional planning, research & development, and GIS operations. Her professional skills include preparation of Urban/Physical/ Land Use Development plans; GIS analysis of urban dynamics and spatial interventions; Conducting feasibility studies & research and report writing among others. She undertakes consultancy services for both National and County governments.   Esther is a cooperate member of AAK, TCPAK, and KIP. She currently serves as the deputy chairperson of the Physical Planners Registration Board (PPRB) and a Board Member of the Nakuru Municipality.

Bachelor of Arts(Land Economics). Chairman-Water, Sanitation &Environment Member-Land, Planning &Infrastructure

Mr. Lawrence Karanja is an advocate of the high court of Kenya with over 19 years of experience and managing partner Mirugi Kariuki and co advocates. He is the holder of an LLB degree from Moi University and a Master in Law from Northumbria University. He is a former president of Rift valley law society. He sits on several Boards.

Lawrence Karanja Macharia

Board Chairman

Master in Gender, Women&Development Studies Master in Sociology-Community Development & Project Management Master in Sociology-Conflict&Peace Studies Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies. Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology. Chairperson- Trade,Tourism & Investment Member- Water & Sanitation

Naivasha Municipal Board Members

He is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. He has over 15 years’experience in land matters, Conveyancing, Urban and physical planning, Property Law and Land Use. He is also an astute investor in the hospitality industry in Naivasha.

Ben Nyenjeri


A Diploma holder, businesswoman serving as Director Chamber of Commerce & Industry Nakuru County chapter.The chair Lands & Infrastructure Committee of the chamber. Community leader and mobilizer having worked as a community health volunteer. Worked at National Government Constituency Development Fund(NG-CDF).One of my greatest achievements is when I put a plea to the head of state for my community to electrify Naivasha Municipal estate that had never had electricity for over 52 years.

A bachelor’s degree holder from the University of Nairobi in Geography major. Experience in natural resource conservation and project management. Worked as a project manager with the European Union, a  funded program under CDTF on integrating environment conservation and nature-based community livelihood alternatives in Lake Naivasha basin. The founding project assistants for Imarisha Naivasha coordinating conservation initiatives in Lake Naivasha basin. A certified Trainer of Trainer son BSED, NBED and MELR, Resource Mobilizer.Served in several school boards and NTSA-CTSC Board—Nakuru County.The founder of community waste ManagementInitiative in Naivasha Municipality.Founding memberofNaivasha Urban Forum under UDP. Currently serving as SecretaryGeneralofNaivashaProfessionalsAssociation

Registered and practicing Architect with key expertise in Affordable housing advisory, master planning and design and project management. Extensive experience in Design in all spectrum of buildings ranging from commercial, industrial, public, private structures, Use of locally available materials and techniques, Site analysis and data collection,  Project management., Building audit management of buildings, Building regulations, Environmental regulation in buildings and other structures. Education: Jogoo College of accountancy (NAKURU)-CPA part 1 and part 11 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Bachelor of Architecture, 2010 University of Nairobi Masters of Environmental Planning and Management (on-going)

Municipal Downloads

Nakuru Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.3Download



Nakuru Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.2Download

Naivasha Urban Integrated Development Plan-IDEP.2Download

Nakuru Municipal Board BudgetDownload

Nakuru Municipal Budget 2 Download