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30 Nov
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Dr. Immaculate, CeC Agriculture Visits the Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya

Nakuru, Kenya Thursday, November 30th, 2017

In his manifesto, Governor Lee Kinyanjui promised to revive the Pyrethrum sector and restore Nakuru’s glory in the crop’s cultivation.

To date, the Governor has held over five meetings with players in the sector with a view to getting at the bottom of what problems ail this once very lucrative industry.

Today, the CEC for Agriculture, Dr Immaculate visited the Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya (PPCK) on a familiarization cum fact finding tour.

At the factory, the CEC was received by the Company’s Managing Director and the Marketing manager. During this tour it was noted that the processor is seriously underutilized due to lack of flowers. The processing plant requires a capacity of twenty five thousand metric tonnes of Pyrethrum flowers for its daily running. However, the current production from our farms is less than 5% of that capacity.

The Managing Director confirmed that the Processor had already done two acres of seedlings in Molo in a bid to increase acreage especially for use in the next planting season. The Company is also welcoming other players who can support in seedling multiplication.

After the visit to the factory, CEC Immaculate, visited a Pyrethrum farmer in Molo who has successfully planted 15 acres of the flower. The CEC applauded the farmer and asked locals to take advantage of the good prices paid by PPCK to raise their economic status. Currently, the price of dry Pyrethrum ranges between Kshs 100 to Kshs 375 per kilo.

Next week, Nakuru County is expected to host 19 Governors from Pyrethrum growing regions. The thrust of the meeting will be to lay strategies on how to quickly but efficiently revamp the sector.

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30 Nov
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Curbing Child Labour in Mau Narok

Nakuru, Kenya Thursday, November 30th, 2017 – Child labour in Mau Narok is highly prevalent, but H.E Lee Kinyanjui has started an initiative that targets to turn around this situation which puts the posterity of the county at risk by denying the Nakuru Child an opportunity to education.

On (Monday), at the Mau Narok Primary School, the Nakuru County Governor held a sensitization meeting with parents, teachers and other vital stakeholders in the education sector on what can be dubbed as powerful advocacy against child labour which is illegal.

‘We are facing a very challenging task of widespread child labour in Mau Narok. School dropout cases have remained at over 30 percent in lower primary school’, said Governor Kinyanjui.

Adding, ‘children as young as eight years have found themselves deeply engaged in agriculture as labourers. This has been brought about by availability of work all year round, and a vibrant economy supported by agricultural exports to neighbouring countries, thus endangering education of the children who are our hope for a better tomorrow’.

In this meeting that was also attended by the Deputy Governor (Dr Eric Korir), CECMs for Education and Trade (Raymond Komen and Dr Peter Ketyenya respectively) additionally to Njoro MP Charity Kathambi among other county and national government officials; parents, teachers, educators, political and religious leaders all agreed to ensure enrolment will double come January 2018.

Other resolutions that will be religiously adhered to in order to mitigate this situation are: taking of legal action on parents who don’t allow their children to attend school and those who employ children to work in their farms.

School feeding program more so for Early Childhood Education Centres will be revived in order to encourage and increase enrolment in these centres.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui decried exploitation of farmers by middlemen and brokers who offer farmers very low farm gate prices for their produce against an ever increasing cost of production.

He noted that this well engineered pauperization ploy of farmers by brokers is a key factor that has lead to increased child labour in the area, promising to dismantle the ring which operate in cartels.

‘I want to put on notice cartels which control pricing of farm produce, it is time they stopped exploiting our farmers, and I assure that they will be dismantled expeditiously’, said the Governor.

Affirming, ‘fleecing of our farmers by a few self-seeking individuals cannot go on when I am the Governor’.

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