admin_county September 14, 2018


The County Government of Nakuru has partnered with the National Government to make Ajira Digital Program in the County a success.
Among the National Government Ministries that the County Government of Nakuru is working with to actualize this noble, youth uplifting program include ICT; Public Service; Youth and Gender Affairs; Education; Foreign Affairs as well as partners in the civil society and private sector.

This multi-agency team has set up the Ajira Digital Program, a skill based-training that targets to develop and sharpen competencies amongst young people which meet the needs of the labour market.

In order to achieve this, the Ajira Digital Program aims to introduce young people to online digital work and provide them with the tools, trainings and mentorship needed for young people to work and earn an income, hence improving their livelihoods at the same time safeguarding their dignity.
The objects of this training are also intractably tied to the attainment of Vision 2030, which aspires to make Kenya a globally competitive knowledge-based middle-income economy in an increasingly digital world.

Further, the Ajira Digital Program’s seeks to position Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinational companies as well as encourage local companies and public sector to create digital employment opportunities for the youth.

This will catapult Kenya onto the global map, recognized as a freelance hub by 2022, while cascading the same benefits to Nakuru County.

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