admin_county March 20, 2019

Use briquettes as alternative sources of fuel – Says Director of Environment, Kiogora

Environment and Natural Resources Director Mr Kiogora Murithi has asked Nakuru residents to use alternative sources of fuel instead of charcoal in a bid to reduce tree felling in the County.

He highlighted the briquettes developed by the county’s water utility NAWASSCO, as one of the affordable options that residents have.

While speaking at a radio interview on Radio Yetu, the director challenged schools and other institutions to use the home biogas powered by food and other waste as alternative fuel.

“The biogas does not emit smoke or the green house gasses that are harmful to our environment,” he noted.

He further urged the residents to practice tree planting during the rainy season and protect the forests during the dry season, where forest fires are likely to occur.

“We must avoid any actions that will trigger these fires since one matchstick can cause a wild fire that will cause a lot of damage to our environment,” Mr Murithi said.

In his manifesto, Governor Lee Kinyanjui stated that he would push for the planting of one million trees every year aimed at boosting the forest cover in Nakuru County.

Currently, the forest cover stands at 7.2 percent which is lower than the Country’s target of 10 percent.

“Having trees will guarantee us more rain, less heat and more raw materials for products that require timber like papers and wood,” Mr Murithi said.

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