admin_county May 10, 2019

Governor Lee issues 6500 titles to Gilgil residents

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has urged residents to embrace Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism to address the numerous land wrangles that have hindered residents from acquiring title deeds.

As part of his promise to address the land question the Governor recently issued over 7,000 title deeds to Naivasha residents and today issued 6,500 land ownership documents to residents of Gilgil Sub-County.

“We are happy to hand over the title deeds to Gilgil residents today, especially the elderly, who had almost lost hope of getting the titles,”he said

He said the County Government is working to ensure land buying companies and urban centres are also issued with title deeds.

Residents who have received the important documents will now be able to access funds through loans and this will spur development.

The issuance of the crucial document also puts to rest fears by some of the investors on the security of their properties.

Most cases in Nakuru courts are land related and the County Government in partnership with the national Government has come up with various mechanisms to tackle the historical problem.

” I call upon all Nakuru residents to take advantage of the titling program by registering in Sub-County offices,”he said

Under the program 100,000 title deeds will be issued to Nakuru residents by July this year.

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