admin_county June 14, 2019

Drop in Centre at Menengai Social Hall for street kids to open

The Directorate of Social services will undertake to register street kids in the next two weeks so as to begin the process of their rehabilitation and the drop in center at the Menengai Social hall will be part of that very important process.

These were the remarks of the Gender, Culture, and Social services Chief Officer Madam Tumme Abduba during the celebrations to mark the International Day of the African Child. Governor Lee Kinyanjui has issued the directive which will offer a long lasting solution to the street children issue.
Those willing to go back to school will be helped by the County Government while those who want to go back home will be reunited by their families.

While taking into account the rights of these children, the Chief Officer noted that they will be treated in a dignified and professional way.
“The Boy child has faced numerous challenges in life and its high time parents, guardians, and policymakers looked into mechanisms of assisting them” She added

She also encouraged teachers to be good role models to the pupils as they hold a very important part in shaping their behavior.

Her sentiments were echoed by the Director Social services Mr.Josphat Kimemia who termed radicalization as one of the greatest challenge facing children. As part of the society, he reiterated the clarion call of responsible parenthood which will assist in taming it.
“We should not allow the dreams of the future generation to collapse. We must uphold the virtues that will shape the future generation into responsible beings.”

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