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Nakuru County Governor, H.E.Hon.Lee Kinyanjui , Development record in 2019

1. Induction of 250 ECDE teachers to serve in centers in the county. An advert for additional teachers is out

2. He was elected the Chairperson of the Urban Planning, Housing, Development, Lands, Infrastructure and Energy Committee.He has used the position to vouch for an affordable housing project in Naivasha and the KUSP and KISIP projects in Nakuru town west , Naivasha and Nakuru town east Constituencies.

3. His administration held a Public forum for the Lanet airport.

4. Nakuru County was selected to be the model County for sanitation strategy and the administration gazetted the Nakuru Countywide Sanitation Technical Committee (NACOSTEC).
The team has been working on water and sanitation strategy for the County as well as necessary short and long term interventions.

5. Signed the Municipal charter for Nakuru and Naivasha Towns

6. ksh 130M worth of bursary were distributed

7.90 patients underwent eye cataract surgeries at the PGH at a medical camp organized by his administration.

8. Held a consultative meeting with Kenya Association of Manufacturers in aimed at boosting investments in the County.

9. Joined Interior CS Dr.Fred Matiangi for the launch of the East Africa Community International e-passport issuance center in Nakuru town

10. Launched the Nakuru County Disability fund which will ensure Persons with Disabilities are empowered financially in their growth and development. They will also be facilitated with mobility devices

11. Launched the County CIDP (2018-2022) that will be used in the implementation of County projects.

12. Met Kenya Airports Authority MD Mr.Jonny Anderson, representatives from Kenya Air Force, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Transport to discuss a way forward in the Lanet airport project.

13. Signed an agreement under the Central Region Economic Bloc which will enable sharing of resources in hospitals, water and human capital

14.A report by the Business Ireland Kenya through the support of the Irish Embassy ranked Nakuru as one of the best counties to invest in especially in manufacturing, agriculture ,waste management and Logistics

15. Launched the Nakuru County Health Sector Strategic and Investment Plan (2018-2022).The plan outlines the County’s health organization framework and priority interventions.

16. Inaugurated the first County audit committee which marked a major step in ensuring prudent management and utilization of resources

17.2000 acres are under pyrethrum in the County. Ksh 45M has been allocated for purchase of seedlings this financial year. The Ministry of Agriculture has facilitated another ksh 45M towards the same initiative.

18. Witnessed the signing of contracts between Oserian Two Lakes Industrial park and Maxim Agri Company to establish a livestock input plant at the park. This was a success story of the Nakuru International Investors Conference (NIICO)

19.10 advanced life support ambulances worth 105M and a fire engine were launched.

20. Received a report by the Adhoc committee on the Public hearings of city status. The report is currently at the senate

21. Launched a pension scheme for the informal sector in partnership with NSSF

22. Supported the showcasing of the Sarafina play at the Nakuru Players Theater .It aimed at opening up the theatre space to the Youths in Nakuru County as a viable alternative to their engagement.

23. Participated in the senate speaker’s roundtable Kenya private sector alliance forum in Naivasha. Ways of boosting business competitiveness in counties for economic growth and job creation was discussed

24. Distributed cheques worth ksh 44M to farmers under NARIGP (National Agricultural Rural Inclusive and Growth Project)

25. Hosted the Kenyan community who returned from the Diaspora and have invested in the County.

26. Flagged of consignments of drugs worth ksh 500M to be distributed to health facilities in the county.

27. ksh 13.7M of assorted sports equipments was distributed to all 55 wards

28.17191 learning materials and 2000 curriculum designs were distributed to ECDE Centers across the County.6420 children also benefitted from chairs and tables to aid in their learning process

29.8500 Farmers have benefitted from 142640 Avocado seedlings worth ksh 42M with acreage of 1900

30.20 New health facilities were gazetted

31.31 firefighters graduated from Morendat Institute of oil and gas program

32.20 beehives and other bee equipment were donated to MAKILANJO bee keeper’s cooperative as part of boosting apiculture in Nakuru

33. 20 contracts were awarded in January for the rehabilitation of roads in different wards at a cost of ksh 50M.

34. The department of Water, Environment and Natural resources’ held public participation on the proposed rehabilitation of Nyayo garden


1. Commissioned the construction of stalls at the Wakulima market. Together with the Nasha market, they are undergoing refurbishments at a cost of Ksh 59.9M

2. Presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the rehabilitation of the Nyayo Garden into a premier park. The cost of the rehabilitation is Ksh 20M

3. Commissioned the rehabilitation of the Alms Home in Kivumbini ward at a cost of ksh 12M

4. Officially opened 5 ECDE classrooms at baharini, kaloleni and Nakuru primary schools

5. Launched the construction work for stormwater drainage in Kiamurogi, Kinuthia Mbugua road and kipkelion roads . The project is worth Ksh 143M

6. Distributed ECDE furnitures and curriculum designs to 25 Public schools

7. Reroofing of houses in Kivumbini ward. The total cost of the project was ksh 60M

8. Rehabilitation of the Kamukunji grounds. Scope of work included the erection of a perimeter wall a gate, an ablution block with changing rooms for both male and female players and a caretaker’s office


1. Opened the Oncology clinic at PGH. Over 16500 patients have been attended to, 8000 Chemotherapy sessions offered, and ksh 2-3M is used every month on drugs

2. Inspected the newly built lab at Nakuru west health Centre built with the latest design. The center serves 2000 residents per month.

3. Launched the newly tarmacked John Momanyi road in the Shabaab ward.

4. Inspected the ongoing construction of the ultra-modern outpatient wing at PGH which is being constructed at a cost of Ksh 600M

5. .Inspected the ongoing construction of the radiology center at PGH which is being constructed at a cost of Ksh 500M

6. Commissioned the kigonor water project which will serve 400 residents in the area


1. Ksh 7M was allocated towards the completion of the Mangu dispensary (The project is now compete) and a nutritionist sent to its diabetes clinic at the facility.

2. Laid a foundation stone to the ksh 20M Banita Livestock market in Soin ward (The project is complete)The modern facility has an office, pavilion, animal paddocks, washrooms, and sheds.

3. Commissioned the Testai Borehole in Soin ward

4.18 ECDE centers benefitted from furniture’s and curriculum designs

5.500 Avocado seedlings distributed

6. Operationalization of the new built Kipseyenan Dispensary maternity wing. The facility serves 5,098 patients

7. An Ambulance was handed over to Soin Sub County hospital


1. Cheques worth Ksh 240,000 were distributed to PWD’s

2. A modern fire engine which was procured at a cost of Ksh 47m was handed over to the Molo Sub County

3. A new market at Elburgon market was commissioned. It will cost Ksh 7.9M

4. Commissioned the expansion of the maternity wing at Elburgon Hospital at a cost of Ksh 40M

5. Commissioned the construction of the Molo market


1. Cheques worth ksh 240,000 were distributed to PWD’s

2. Opened the new Emitik hospital maternity wing. The facility was constructed a cost of Ksh 2M

3. Ksh 100M set aside for the upgrade and equipping of Olenguruone Hospital

4. Ksh 7M set aside for the upgrade of Kiptagich market

5. Officially opened the Kaplamai Dispensary Mother and Child HealthCare

6. Commissioned the Kaplamai Polytechnic

7. Kapaon –Tilindi road in tinet, kapigeriet-Sigowet road in Amalo,Kipsegon and Keringet-Bararget roads were handed over to contractors .

8. The inaugural Keringet road race was held, a total of ksh 1.2M in prize money was shared among the local athletes.

9. Opening of Koitab Tinet-Kapnanda road

10. Drilling of the silibwet borehole in Keringet ward at a cost of ksh 3M

11. Equipping of the Kapseger water project at a cost of ksh 3.8M


1. Launched the rehabilitation of Gitira –Masaiden road in Kamara ward.

2. Commissioned the Mau summit water project at a cost of Ksh 27M. The project will serve 7000 households

3. Cheques worth Ksh 240,000 were distributed to PWD’s


1. Handed over 7,020 title deeds facilitated by the County Department of Land, Housing and Physical Planning

2. Inspected the construction of the Naivasha fish processing plant. The facility will enable farmers to add value and maximize their profits. Ksh 5M was also allocated for the construction of a fish hatchery

3. Presided over the groundbreaking ceremony for the rehabilitation of 9.3 km Mirera Inn-Chechnia-St.Theresa road in Hell’s gate. Scope of work included graveling, installation of culverts and rehabilitation of the drainage system

4. Laid foundation stone for the construction of ECDE classrooms at Mirera Primary School. The school has 3600pupils and 470 ECDE learners

5. Launched the tarmacking of roads in Industrial area, Site and service, and Kabati estates at a cost of Ksh 200M

6. Naivasha market is being refurbished at a cost of ksh 200M

7. Commissioned the construction of Ihindu market .The market will benefit 100 traders and will cost ksh 3M

8. inspected the Kinungi market that is being constructed at a cost of ksh 3M

9. Opened the Maraiguchu market that was constructed a cost of ksh 3M

10. Opened Munyu Community dispensary

11. officiated the groundbreaking ceremony of the Naivasha wholesale market in Viwandani ward. The total cost of the project will be ksh 600M

12. Opened an ECDE centre at old Kijabe township primary school

13. Inspected the construction of livestock auction market and a traders market at Longonot Trading Centre. The two markets are being constructed at a cost of Ksh 9M.

14. Launched the construction of 150cubic meters karima water tank and 50 cubic meters Rare tank in Maai mahiu ward.

15.16 business License fee waivers were issued to PWD’s at Maai Mahiu trading center

16. Resolved the dispute over the access corridor to Lake Naivasha at Karagita Beach

17. Participated in the lake Naivasha stakeholders’ forum where he challenged the stakeholders to participate in the restoration of the lake.

18. Commissioned the kipkonyo dispensary in maiella. The dispensary will receive equipment worth Ksh 4M.

19. Commissioned the ngondi dispensary in maiella

20. Formed an Adhoc committee on the Ng’ati farmer’s cooperative dispute to find a solution to the protracted land row.


1. Opened an ECDE center at Workers Primary school.

2. Commissioned a newly constructed Engashura Health Centre in Kiamaina ward

3. Ksh20 M has been allocated to address the water shortage in Kiamaina ward

4. Heshima market is being upgraded


1. Commissioned the tarmacking of Subukia township access road. The scope included tarmacking, drainage and culvert at a cost of Ksh 18m

2. Opened the Subukia Innovation hub

3. 18 contracts had been awarded by Jan 2019 for the opening up and improvement of major roads

4.18 ECDE Centers benefitted from curriculum designs and furniture


1. Ksh 40M was allocated towards the upgrade of the maternity wing at the Gilgil General and Psychiatric hospital

2. He officially opened a theatre at the Gilgil hospital

3.6500 titles were distributed to residents courtesy of the County Department of Land, Housing and Physical planning

4.648 chairs and 108 tables were distributed to 18 ECDE centers in the sub county.

5. Launched Kolifar ECDE centre in Kongasis ,Eburu Mbaruk ward. The children were previously learning in mud classrooms. Tables, chairs and Curriculum designs were also distributed.

6. Upgrade of the Bus Park and the drainage system

7.4,000 Avocado seedlings and 2000 macadamia seedlings were distributed

8. Gwa share borehole project in Malewa west was initiated

9.A tractor and Farm equipment worth ksh 10.5M was donated to Inua hustlers farmers cooperative in Elementaita ward


1. Njoro sub county hospital was allocated ksh 30M for its refurbishment

2. Lauched the construction of the Njoro town shops frontage road.

3. Ksh 10M was allocated for the rehabilitation of the market.

4.1,833,333 pyrethrum seedlings worth ksh 5.5M were distributed to farmers in Mau Narok

5. Opening of a dental unit at Lare health centre



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