admin_county January 14, 2020

2,305 title deeds issued to Nyakinyua by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta

It was a dream come true for the descendants of Nyakinyua from Kiambogo, Solai and Njoro areas as they received their certificates of titles yesterday at the Rift valley Regional Headquarters, Nakuru during the presidential titling day.

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta who expedited the issuance of title deeds said the activity to Nyakinyua marked a celebration of the country`s freedom fighters and directed the ministry of Lands to waive all charges on the documents issued to the groups.

He termed the day as important to him adding that for a long period of time his administration has been working tirelessly to resolve the challenge of issuing the title deed certificates to the aged who fought for the independence of the country.

“The 40,000 title deeds set to be issued to Nakuru landowners in the next coming weeks are part of the 200,000 titles allocated for the county, “Said the President.

He reinstated the national government`s obligation to foster cohesion and harmony by working with all leaders irrespective of their political affiliations adding that his administration this year will only focus on development, not politics, “I will focus on uniting Kenyans,” the head of state said.

The president revealed that up until now his administration has been able to issue 800,000 titles as he addressed the residents after issuing title deeds.

Nakuru county H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui who was in the company of the head of state among other political leaders appreciated the efforts of the national government for issuing title deeds to the residents of Nakuru affirming his administration`s commitment to continue working with the national government to deliver development programs to the citizens.

Margaret Wanjiku who has been grappling with the dilemma of when she will get hold of her title certificate did not lose hope, she made her way to the event despite her deteriorated health condition, however, this will be a thing of the past after she was presented with her title deed yesterday.

H.E the Governor as he addressed residents of Nakuru emboldened them to clinch to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where possible so as to reduce the amount of time used unravel land wrangles and facilitate the processing of title deeds.

He recognized the efforts of the directorate of Lands under his administration whom he appreciated for the much effort put in place to ensure successful issuance of title deeds to Nyakinyua landowners.

In an interview, county chief officer in charge of Land, Housing and Physical Planning Judyleah Waihenya urged Nakuru residents to continue to embrace the titling program stating that it will create an opportunity for the public to access funds through loans and spur economic empowerment.

“We as the department are committed to ensuring that all landowners are issued with certificates of the title since this will provide security of tenure to property owners, increase revenue base and investment in the county thereby contributing to socio-economic development as the municipality journeys to attain city status, “She added.

2,305 title deeds were issued to the landowners.

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