admin_county June 10, 2020

Lab equipment to improve rural healthcare services

Nakuru County has received essential laboratory equipment to help in the diagnosis of various ailments and improve healthcare services at the community level.

The full-auto Biochemistry and Hematology machines and 10 Urine Analyzers will be installed at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital- Annex, Njoro sub-County Hospital and other 8 rural facilities.

The machines use urine and blood samples for disease detection and monitoring in various body organs and prenatal services.

Acting Director of Medical Services Ms Elizabeth Kiptoo while receiving the equipment will go a long way in improving the quality of healthcare services in rural areas and ultimately reduce referrals.

“Laboratory services are a key pillar in case management and disease management. Proper diagnosis means leads to a cost-effective and appropriate treatment,” she stated.

She said the first batch of the easy-to-use laboratory equipment will be distributed to the ‘interior facilities’ as the County rolls out a program to equip all dispensaries and health centres with lab services.

Head of Laboratory Division at Highridge Pharmaceuticals Ltd Mr Chardwick Obala said the machines will boost the County’s quest towards the provision of affordable and quality healthcare services.

“Similar equipment have been in use in all major Nakuru County health facilities and equipping the lower level facilities will enhance uniformity in the provision of laboratory services,” he stated.

He added that the pharmaceutical company will offer free installation, train healthcare workers as well as offer free scheduled maintenance for the next three years.

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