admin_county July 14, 2020

Leaders trained on COVID-19 Islamic burial protocols

Muslim leaders in Nakuru County have undergone refresher training on COVID-19 Pandemic surveillance, prevention, and handling of the dead.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no cleaning (ghusl), shrouding (kaffan) and prayers for the dead (salat-ul Janazah) among Muslims to contain infections.

The over 60 Imams drawn from various Mosques were also trained on welfare and resource mobilization, home-based care, and psycho-socio support.

Public Health Services CO Mr Samuel King’ori said the County Government of Nakuru would continue to support the Muslim community during the COVID-19 Pandemic times.

“Burial ceremonies must only be conducted by volunteers trained and equipped with Personal Protective Equipment with no congregation at the burial site (farḍ al-kifāya),” he stated.

National Muslim COVID-19 Response Team chairman Professor Mohamed Karama thanked the County Government of Nakuru for the continued support towards the Muslim community.

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