admin_county March 18, 2021

County issues stop-order on house under construction over safety measures

The County Government of Nakuru has issued an evacuation notice to six families in Naka Estate after a building under construction was condemned by the National Construction Authority.

Although the families live in the building adjacent to the condemned one, County engineers noted that in case it collapses, the families will be affected.

Officers from the Department of Lands and Physical Planning, National Construction Authority and the County Enforcement unit led by Lands Chief Officer Ms Judyleah Waihenya visited the construction site today to assess it.

Ms Waihenya noted that one of the pillars had collapsed making the building likely to fall.

NCA Regional Officer Central Rift Mr Julius Muchiri said the developer had been issued a notice in February last year to suspend the building after NCA officers found structural issues with the building. However, no action was taken by the developer.

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