admin_county May 13, 2021

County doctors perform another rare, complex surgery

Once again, Doctors at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital have made a medical practice breakthrough after successfully carrying out a rare and complex surgical procedure for the first time in the hospital’s 65 years history.

The Doctors removed the Glomus Vagale Tumour on the neck of a 4 years old boy in a procedure that took a combined effort of doctors, nurses and anaesthetists over 5 hours to accomplish at the hospital’s main theatre.

Mr Kiuka Domongolui who is a resident of West Pokot County said his son, Lopeyok Chesirwen developed breathing and feeding complications a year ago but could not get even the basic of medical attention.

In 2018, Doctors at the same hospital conducted four awake craniotomies. This is a surgery of the brain while the patient is fully awake. Before then, no such surgery had been carried out at the hospital.

Medical Superintendent, Dr Aisha Maina who witnessed the Glomus Vagale Tumour excision surgery said the facility has been receiving complex referral cases from neighbouring counties due to improved service delivery.

Dr Aisha explained that the County has for the last three years invested heavily in healthcare infrastructural upgrades, equipping facilities and sponsoring specialized training of County healthcare workers.

Dr Michael Sitima, an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, who led the surgery, said the 16 centimetres long tumour was deep-seated in the neck and adversely affected the vagus nerve that controls swallowing, breathing and vocalization.

The surgery session also came as a learning experience for students pursuing Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery at the Kenya Medical Training College – Nakuru Campus.

KMTC- Nakuru Campus students Mr Jospeh Omondi and Mr Amos Lang’at said they had a great experience witnessing such special surgeries they have only been reading on books.

The County Government of Nakuru has prioritized healthcare services improvement in the local development agenda by allocating over 32 per cent, amounting to Sh6.3 billion, of the total budget to healthcare financing every financial year.

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