admin_county May 15, 2021

County partners with Afya Ugavi to enhance healthcare service delivery

The County Government of Nakuru is closely working with development partners to enhance healthcare service delivery to residents, even in the smallest of community units.

To achieve this, the Department of Health Services has partnered with Afya Ugavi- a USAID funded project to form a Health Products and Technologies Units(HPTU).

In return, HPTU will oversee the management of health products across the County for effective supply chain and health commodity systems strengthening.

It will also provide quality assurance quantification and also advocate for accountability in the management of health products and technologies.

According to the Chief Officer for Public Health, Dr Daniel Wainaina the HPTU will streamline the forecasting and management of all essential health commodities at all levels of care.

“This will, in turn, benefit the end-users who are Nakuru County residents with an assured of constant availability of quality health products and improved health outcomes,” he stated.

That means the partnership will solve the major gap of inefficiencies in coordination and logistics thus ensuring an uninterrupted supply of and rational use of health commodities at all times.

Previously, supply chain responsibilities were scattered across programs and they remained unassigned or unfulfilled, a thing that slowed or lowered healthcare service delivery.

Mr Dan Minge, a program officer at Afya Ugavi said the 5-year supply chain strategy will be rolled out across the County to provide policy and directions on inventory management.

Good management of HTPs is important to ensure that the quality of these valuable commodities is maintained up to the point of use and that items required for delivery of quality health care are continuously available.

Afya Ugavi will provide comprehensive technical assistance to strengthen supply chains of commodities that prevent and treat HIV/AIDS and malaria and support family planning/reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health.

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