admin_county May 17, 2021

County distributes 36,800 avocado seedlings in Kuresoi North, Bahati, Rongai, Njoro and Molo sub-counties

The County has so far distributed over 36,800 avocado seedlings, on a budget of Shs10.7 million in Kuresoi North, Bahati, Rongai, Njoro and Molo sub-counties.

This is under the Crop Diversification Program launched in 2018 by Governor Lee Kinyanjui in a bid to help increase forest cover and increased income to communities.

Today over 9,800 seedlings were been distributed in Kiptororo, Turi and Kihingo Wards. Agriculture Chief Officer Mr Kibet Maina oversaw the distribution of 6,600 seedlings in Kiptororo Ward, Kuresoi North.

He said the County would train farmers to set up fruit nurseries across the County to bridge seedlings production and distribution gaps.

The County has recorded success in the sale of mature fruits to various processors earning farmers between Shs80-120 per kilogram.

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