admin_county May 21, 2021

County distributes 7,500 pyrethrum tissue culture seedlings in Gilgil

Pyrethrum seed multiplication is key to ensure the production of clean planting material as well as the growth of the value chain.

The County has distributed 7,500 pyrethrum tissue culture materials to farmer groups in Elementaita and Eburru-Mbaruk wards in Gilgil sub-county.

The effort is geared towards bridging the gap of inadequate clean planting materials and the production of quality flowers of high pi content.

Nakuru County currently has over 1,500 acres under pyrethrum since the launch of the revival program in 2018 by H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

To support our farmers, the County will distribute 80,000 pyrethrum tissue culture material, 1.6 litres of nematicide pesticide, 16 watering cans and gloves as well as 8-50 kg bags of TSP fertilizer.

This is expected to translate into 4 acres in pyrethrum nurseries across pyrethrum growing sub-counties under the ASDSP II program.

In addition to that, 240,000 pyrethrum seedlings have been distributed to Kiptororo ward, Kuresoi North sub-county bringing the total seedlings distributed this financial year to 500,000 seedlings.

Currently, the value chain has received funding of over Ksh. 45 million with over 8.5 million seedlings distributed last year to a tune of Ksh. 26.8 million.

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