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09 Sep
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Nakuru County To Sponsor 550 Youth For 2014 GDC Marathon

NAKURU, Kenya 9th September 2014 – County Government of Nakuru has taken a giant step in nurturing talented athletes by sponsoring them in the upcoming Geothermal Menengai Half Marathon set for the 21st of September 2014 in Nakuru.

The County Government will sponsor 550 youths by selecting 10 from each of the 55 wards to take part in the annual race that enters its third edition this year.

Speaking to the press this morning to announce the partnership, Governor Mbugua noted that his government was committed in giving untapped talent from the County, a chance to showcase their prowess.

“As a County Government, sports is an integral part of our social and economic development. In fact, we are putting in place all the requisite measures that will position Nakuru as a premier location to host sporting events. The County has taken a lead for this event to be a success by sponsoring the youth to participate as a means of tapping raw talent. We intend to sponsor over 550 people for the 21km half marathon to propel them to bigger races.”

The directorate of sports will work hand in hand with various Members of County Assemblies from all wards in picking the 10 athletes who will be catered for during the event.

He also added that the County intends to create a road map towards uplifting the standards of sport-persons, in terms of self and personal development for the life beyond athletics.

“We plan for the talented athletes not only to prosper in running but also get good education skills, learn about business and managing their winnings, through forming partnership with learning and financial institutions.”

The partnership will see the county Government enhance the prize money to 300,000 Ksh from the earlier 150,000 Ksh and increase the prize range to make sure all who finish in the top 10 positions in the various categories receive prizes. The County will also facilitate the registration of the athletes and form a County Executive and Assembly teams that will take part in the team races.

The apt theme of the marathon this year is ‘Run for Health’ with the proceeds going towards supporting the improvement of health facilities in Nakuru county.


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22 Aug
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Market Nakuru County as a Model Investment Hub – Governor Mbugua tells diplomats.

Governor Kinuthia Mbugua hosted 52 newly appointed Kenyan diplomats in Naivasha, Nakuru County yesterday who will take up various roles in embassies around the world

The diplomats who were on an extensive awareness tour of Nakuru County visited several locations in Naivasha sub-county to sample the numerous locations which they would in turn promote to attract investors from their respective missions and embassies where they will be stationed.

They visited electric power generation company Kengen, bio-gas producer The Gorge Farm, The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI),and Kenya’s first World Class golf resort Aberdare Hills Golf Resort and several flower farms in Naivasha.

Speaking to them after a personalized presentation at the Aberdare Hills Golf Resort, Governor Mbugua gave them a thorough brief of the Nakuru County and what the numerous selling points available for potential development partners abroad. He also reminded them of the huge task ahead.

“You are going to be doing a very important job for both your Country and the Counties now that we have the new political dispensation in place. It’s imperative i tell you, that this will be a very tough assignment taking into mind that you will be dealing with both spheres, at your stations, and with matters of the our country. So the sun will never set for you, you will be constantly working.”

He also urged them to be great ambassadors and share with potential investors the great opportunities in Nakuru County that they experienced on the tour.

“We invited you here to experience first-hand what our County can offer. We are very proud of it and we know have a little of everything here in Nakuru that can be found here in our Country. So go out there and in between your duties be bold and advise all those potential investors including Kenyan’s in the diaspora of the abundant opportunities in Nakuru. We have so much, we are the hub of the Country, good infrastructure, unique geothermal for energy production, attractive tourist destinations, unused arable land. With a soon to be constructed international airport, Nakuru County will be a hub of unbelievable potential.”

Governor Mbugua also advised the diplomats that Kenyan Governors have their County’s best interests at heart and that when they travel abroad, it’s for the furthering various positive agenda’s for their Counties.

“I can assure you all that the way the Governors character is portrayed is not true, that we come to misuse funds when we travel abroad. We as Governors are a crop of very serious people and we would like to be treated as such. Hold us in high esteem and help us achieve our agenda’s whenever we visit the Countries you will all be based in.”

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