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22 Jul
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Molo, Kuresoi Farmers Receive 900,000 Pyrethrum Seedlings


NAKURU 22nd July 2014 – Farmers in Molo and Kuresoi region yesterday received free pyrethrum seedlings presented to them by Nakuru County Government at Sirikwa Trading Center in Kuresoi North.

This was the second phase of the revival of Pyrethrum farming in the County, following the launch of the program last month in Kinungi.

Speaking at the ceremony CeC in charge of Agriculture Dr. Stanley Chepkwony said the initiative is a long term endeavor to see the pyrethrum farming prosper once again.

“I would like to assure you through our County Government that this is a long term commitment that will see the pyrethrum growing is back to its feet. Our presence here is to fully underline our readiness to revive this sector”.

In the Molo, Kuresoi North and South region 360 farmers will benefit from the program.

In first phase 165,000 seedlings were distributed to 28 farmers from Kinungi and surrounding areas from the total of 1.1 million, each farmer receiving 3,000 seedlings to plant on quarter acres of land.

Chepkwony added that the County together with the Pyrethrum Regulatory Authority have already put measures in place to revive the sector.

“The revival will improve pyrethrum farmers’ income and earn more revenue for the county,” Chepkwony said.

He also urged farmers to go for high quality planting materials which will give them better yield. Chepkwony said the government will educate farmers on proper farming methods.

Nakuru County has set aside Sh11 million in the 2014/15 budget to revive pyrethrum growing.

The county government also plans to revive the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya (PBK) pyrethrum nursery at Kabazi.

Already, 10 acres out of the 90 available have been ploughed and harrowed in readiness for the seedlings production.

Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto who was the chief guest, reiterated that time for politics is over and now everyone should focus on work.

“Let us all put politics aside, the right time for that will come. Instead let’s join hands and cultivate our lands and revive this once booming business to its full optimum. We have done our part as the County government and we will continue to facilitate you in all ways possible. All you have to do now, is to work together.”

Ruto also urged all farmers in the sector to play their part and support the venture.

Ruto distribute the seedlings to farmers assisted by CeC of Agriculture Dr. Stanley Chepkwony and Agriculture Chief Officer Purity Muritu among other leaders from the region.

The once lucrative crop declined due to several factors including farmers not being paid for their produce, competition from other countries and lack of proper incentives.

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