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06 Mar
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County to Employ 350 ECD Teachers before June


NAKURU, KENYA Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The County Government of Nakuru is set to employ 350 ECD teachers before the end of this financial year, the CECM of Education, ICT& e- Government Raymond Komen has said.

Speaking during a meeting with the County Assembly of Nakuru Budget and Appropriation Committee, Komen said the hiring of the teachers plan will spread to 5 years which will see all registered ECD learning centres in the County having at least 2 teachers.

‘As a county we are lagging behind in learning at the basic yet very important stage. There is a clear gap and our results in KCPE and KCSE exams are declining due to this. We want these teachers to be employed as soon as possible,’ he noted.

Komen further outlined that the grading of the teachers will be according to the current COG scheme of service which is still a draft with the entry point being of assistant ECD teacher 3.

‘The distribution of teachers in all registered centres will depend on how they will be mapped out. There are some areas with more ECD classrooms than others but all will be fairly considered,’ added Komen.

Other issues regarding ECD classrooms, Komen said, will be a requirement by all contractors to do a better and modern designs with all centres fully equipped with furniture and toilets.

‘We have noted with concern that some classrooms are in bad shape because nobody has been manning them. In future we want to have modern classrooms which are fully equipped to facilitate smooth and equal learning of our children all over the county,’ he said.

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