The Department of Infrastructure comprises Roads and Transport, additionally to Public Works and Disaster Management. Nakuru County being one of the biggest Kenya counties in terms of area as well as population. This signifies that the department of Infrastructure has a huge responsibility of providing services such passable roads, functional storm water drainage as well as rapid response to disasters among others against a backdrop of scarce resources.


Nakuru County has a total of 9, 654.10 Km of roads. These roads are classified into class A (International Trunk), B (National Trunk), C (Primary), D (Secondary), E (Minor), SPR (Special Purpose), U (Unclassified).

Agriculture being the lifeline of the people in almost all Nakuru’s sub-counties, enhanced connectivity through the provision of adequate roads by the County Government of Nakuru cannot be gainsaid.


Passable roads enhance market access by farmers. They also facilitate ease of access to other services by the people. Increased economic activity that result from the boons of agricultural activities supported by a good road network attract other industries. As this happens, a shared infrastructure that supports industrial growth develops, spilling the economic benefit to the people. 

This is the reason why from the onset of his term, H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui has embarked on an ambitious transformative plan of grading and gravelling roads in all the 55 wards of Nakuru County dubbed ‘BORESHA BARABARA’.

This program is different and first of its kind as it aims for long term solution as opposed to short-term renovation whereby roads degenerate after three months.


The leading department in delivery of safe, integrated and sustainable transport and public infrastructure


To provide a safely designed, efficient, cost effective transport system, develop public infrastructure and rapid response to disaster.



We are dedicated to espousing these core values as the guiding principles for our operations:

a)    Customer-focused

b)    Professionalism

c)    Integrity

d)    Equity and Equality

e)    Transparency and Accountability

f)      Team work

g)    Creativity and Innovativeness


Functions of the Department:

  1. Storm water management in built-up areas
  2. County Roads
  3. Street lighting
  4. Traffic and parking
  5. Public Roads Transport
  6. Mechanical and Transport Equipment
  7. Public Works
  8. Firefighting and disaster management
  9. Licensing of County Transport
  10. Construction of footbridges
  11. Management of donor funded infrastructural projects
  12. Designing, documentation, contract and post-contract management of county infrastructural projects.
  13. Maintenance of public buildings and other infrastructural projects

Strategic objective

  • To improve roads and infrastructure
  • To enhance transport system
  • To improve street lighting
  • To enhance storm water management
  • To improve firefighting and disaster management

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