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07 Mar
By: Vince 0


1. Subsidize farm inputs: fertilizer, pesticides, seeds.

2. Improve rural infrastructure e.g. feeder roads.

3. Offer free agricultural extension services.

4. Strengthen co-operative movement for better markets.

5. Promote value addition chains with particular regard to cottage industries.

6. Bridge the gap between the farmers and agricultural research through partnership with institutions such as KEPHIS, KARLO, and Egerton University.

7. Construct dams and water pans to facilitate irrigation to avoid dependence on rain-fed agriculture.

8. Invest in post-harvest, processing, preservation and storage technologies e.g. potato cold storage facilities and milk cooling plants.

9. Revive Pyrethrum sector.

10. Construct and equip slaughter houses and cattle dips.

11. Promote inland fishing areas and restocking e.g. lakes and fish ponds.

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