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17 Jun
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Governor’s Speech During the Official Address of the Nakuru County Assembly



Hon. Madam Speaker

Hon. Members of County Assembly

County Executive Members

County Chief Officers

Once again, it is a great honour to address Honorable members of the Nakuru county Assembly today.

The last time I addressed this house was on 20th February, 2014. I remember during that time there were certain bills which this house was in the process of debating, but as we talk now those bills have already been assented into law namely:

  • The Nakuru county Finance Act of 2014
  • The Nakuru County Agricultural Development Fund Act 30thOctober, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Vetting and Appointment of Public Officers (County Assembly Approval Act, 30th October, 2014
  • The Nakuru county Entertainment and Amenities Act, 24thNovember, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Vocational and Technical (Polytechnic Act, 17th November, 2014.
  • The Nakuru Alcoholic Drinks Act, 14th January, 2015.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

I am aware that this house is in the process of scrutinizing other bills, which very soon will be assented into law, for instance:

  • The Nakuru County Betting, Gaming and Lotteries bill 2014
  • The Nakuru County Nuisance bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Zoning and Parking bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru county Assembly Service bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Revenue Administration bill, 2014
  • The Nakuru County Water bill, 2014.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let me on my behalf and the whole Executive thank and congratulate Members of this house for working tirelessly and round the clock to ensure that our County has the necessary Acts for operation.


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

It is important to note that our Government’s main focus is on Service delivery to our people.  For  almost two years we have been in office, together we have achieved a lot in various sectors for instance:-

In Education, we are all in agreement that 147 ECDE classrooms have been constructed in an attempt to improve the quality of education to our young children.  Despite the fact that Education is not fully devolved, we cannot sit back and wait to see our children drop out of the learning Institutions.  As a result we have provided bursary to the needy students to a tune of Ksh. 110 million and in the 2015/2016 financial year we have proposed Ksh.110 million for bursaries.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

It is worthy to note that in 2015/2016 budget estimates Kshs. 855 million has been proposed for construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads within our County. Today we can proudly say that an estimate of 2000 kms of road network have been rehabilitated within our County.  This has made it easy for our farmers to take their produce to the market with ease.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

The Health of our people remains a major focus of our Government.  In 2014/2015 financial year, Kshs. 3.8 billion had been allocated to the Department of Health.  In 2015/2016 financial year Kshs. 3.7 billion has been proposed to the Department of Health.  These funds will be used for service delivery as well as purchase drugs, medical equipment, Institutional appliances and strengthening of referral systems.  This funding accounts for 9.6 % of the total budget.

It is also important to note that, through our collaboration with the National Government Mobile Clinic has been donated to our Government through beyond zero campaign programme.  Soon I will be launching four Amulances which have been donated by WHO (World Health Organization) in recognition for the Department of Health to strengthen Referral Systems within the County.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

In the financial year 2014/2015 Kshs. 157 million had been allocated to the Department of Agriculture. In 2015/2016 financial year Kshs. 297 million has been proposed to the same Department.

With the guidance of the Act that this house has passed i.e. the Nakuru County Agricultural Development Fund Act 2014) our people will benefit in terms of dairy farming, Green house farming, pyrethrum revival value addition among others.

It is also worthy to note that last year we provided our farmers with fertilizers, and seeds although the yield were affected by severe drought and the maize Lethal Necrosis Disease.  We have also advised our farmers to ensure that they are not exploited by the middle men by packing their potatoes at 50kg despite the challenges they are facing.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Our Government is aware of the land issues affecting our people.  To this end, our Government recently unveiled the Nakuru Land Management Board.  This Board will deal with the issues concerning public land and public utilities.  The Board is also expected to look for solutions for perennial land problems in our County.

It is also worth to note that in 2015/2016 financial year a total of Kshs. 175 million has been proposed to the Department of Lands, Physical Planning and Housing.  The money will be used in renovating and rehabilitating the still pending estates e.g. Flamingo, Lumumba, Kivumbini among others.  Recently, we launched Construction of roads, drainage, sewerage in Rhoda, Kaptembwa and Gilani under World Bank funded project and Kenya Informal Settlement improved project (KISIP).  I am happy to report that the project is proceeding on well.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let affirm that our Government is very much aware of the crucial role a healthy environment plays for the development of our County.  In the financial year 2015/2016 a total of Ksh. 416 million has been proposed to the Department of Environment, Natural Resource, Energy and Water.  So far 21 major water projects have been carried our within our County. Out of these 7 dams have been constructed, 11 water boreholes rehabilitated.

We are also in engagement with Baringo and Nyandarua Counties to share water resources.  Also we are working with the National Government to ensure that Itare Dam is complete which will supply water to our County.

Let me also affirm that in few weeks’ time, we are going to commission a plant that will use waste at Gioto dumpsite to generate electricity and biodiesel.  The necessary arrangement for the same are almost complete.

In the year 2014/2015 the Department has planted over 400 trees within the County although most of them were affected by severe drought.  In 2015/2016 our Government has put in place climate change mitigation strategy to enhance 10% of the National tree cover


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Through the Department of Trade, Industrialization & Tourism our Government supported construction of markets Ihindu, Muchorwe and the recent one I commissioned in Maai Mahiu market which is fully operational.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

Let me thank all the Honourable members for the support and co-operation they showed during the decongestion of Nakuru CBD.

As a result, Wakulima market has been completed and over 3000 trader’s allocated stalls.  Over 5000 hawkers have been relocated to areas outside Nakuru town CBD where they have permanent stalls.

With a total of Kshs. 167 million proposed to the Department of Trade in 2015/2016 financial year, our Government will be able to rehabilitate the existing markets and those which were formerly under the Economic Stimulus Programme.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

To enable the Department of ICT and e-Government discharge its mandate at a total of Kshs. 59 million has been proposed to the Department in 2015/2016 financial year.

As a result our government will continue implementing the integrated financial management information system (IFMIS) in accordance with Public Finance Management Act.

The Department is also in the process of building ICT infrastructures in the County which will enable sharing of information in the Sub-Counties.  Despite the fact that the Department is charged with the implementation of all ICT projects, it remains under funded.

Madam Speaker, Hon. Members

I am happy to report that the County Government has completed putting up of County structures.  We now have Sub-county Administrators, their Deputies and Ward Administrators in place who represent the government in the devolved units at the grassroots.


Madam Speaker, Hon. Members,

As I conclude, on the issue of budgetary allocation I wish to beg the indulgence on the following critical areas.

(a)      Ward resource envelope is now Kshs. 30 million which I request that you reduce it to Kshs. 25 million to allow us equip the already build ECD classrooms, ECD teachers as well as equip and staff the many health centres we have build

(b)      I request to employ teachers at the Polytechnic Schools which are now fully devolved as from 1st July, 2016.

(c)      The pressure is enormous on the need to maintain our major towns in this County and any saving from the already submitted estimates will go a long way in helping the Executive in executing its mandate.

Finally, let me thank all the Honourable members, Members of the Executive and the public in general for the support we have received from them as well as upholding peace in our County. Let’s work together for the benefit of our people.

God bless Kenya

God bless Nakuru County



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