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13 Aug
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Pyrethrum revival programme receives a major boos of Ksh 45million from national Government

The pyrethrum revival program received a major boost last week after the national government injected Ksh 45 million in the purchase of seedlings during the current 2019/2020 financial year.

While accompanying Governor Lee Kinyanjui on a tour of pyrethrum farms in Eburru, Gilgil sub-county, Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri commended the efforts of the County Government in reviving the sector.

“We are determined to take pyrethrum back to where it used to be. To show our support we will add Ksh 45 million on what the County is providing for the purchase of seedlings to our farmers,” said Mr. Kiunjuri.

According to the Governor, the County Government had already set aside Ksh 45 million for pyrethrum seedlings, bringing the total amount to Ksh 90 million.

On top of the seedlings, the CS said the Ministry of Agriculture would work to increase the acreage of pyrethrum from the current 6,000 acres to 18,000 acres in this financial year.

The CS added that the Government would work with research institutions to ensure the production of clean seedlings with high pyrethrin content that would guarantee better returns to the farmer.

The two leaders visited two farms and noted that availability of seedlings and a dryer is a challenge, promising to find a solution even as they donated a dryer to one of the farmers.

Governor Kinyanjui, however, commended the efforts of the community in forming organized groups that gave them stronger bargaining power.

In her remarks, Agriculture CECM, Dr. Immaculate Maina, said that liberalization of the industry had resulted in a competitive market that translated to better prices for the farmer.

“Processing companies in the county have largely contributed to the pyrethrum flower production and with collaborative efforts, they supplied clean planting materials to our farmers during the last season,” noted Dr. Maina.

In the last financial year, 14.76 million seedlings were distributed to farmers, covering 802.5 acres.

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08 Aug
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The County Government of Nakuru, under the governance of H.E. Governor Lee Kinyanjui, has been able to allocate adequate resources to the priority agricultural sector.

The agriculture directorates are vital enterprises that are considered key drivers not only for Nakuru County but also the national economic growth and for the critical attainment of the 10% economic growth rate envisaged under Kenya Vision 2030.

The Ministry of Agriculture, led by its CECM Dr. Immaculate Maina, has done a lot to enhance the dissemination of agriculture information to the farming communities for improved agriculture productivity, food security and farm incomes.

Through extension services, there’s enhanced capacity in dissemination and adoption of modern and appropriate technologies.

The ministry has put in place measures to ensure rigorous extension services through the officers and the Nakuru Farmers Call Center done to enhance the growth and development of small-scale farmers, the Minister says.

In heightening aquaculture development and productivity, the ministry through the officers has had continued planned individual farm visits and exchange visits. In addition to that, the department has been able to restock ponds and dams to increase the fish population within the county.

There has been improved farm productivity, market access, and market information through partnerships with stakeholders who have set aside funds to support farmers. Incentives like NARIGP, KCEP, and SDCP has seen farmers register high yields and income after the implementation of the programs.

To help avocado farmers, who have for the longest time been ripped off by brokers by buying at Sh. 8 from farmers who in turn sell them to the highest bidders at Sh. 32, the County Government is lobbying for conversations to help market the avocados directly to the buyers through county support.

The directorate of livestock has supported farmers through free vaccination to animals to strengthen the animals’ health and by giving affordable AI services to improve breeding.

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