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12 Nov
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Nakuru county has continued to offer a conducive environment to attract potential investors to invest in the county.

The administration’s determination under the leadership of H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui to restore the county’s status as an industrial hub has so far seen the signing of an agreement between Maximum Agri International and Oserian Development Company to set up Oserian Two Lakes Industrial park which shows the milestones that can be achieved.

The Oserian Two Lakes Industrial park will complement the Mai-Mahiu industrial park which has attracted local and foreign investors who have expressed interest in setting up shops at the park.

Lord Egerton Agri-City one among the key projects being implemented is situated in Ngongongeri farm, has already been finalized and is looking forward to establishing a food processing plant that will add value to the agricultural produce.

The agro-industrial park will provide an opportunity for leasing of land and essential services such as water, electric supply, and necessary infrastructure.

The development of the two projects came after the first Nakuru International Investors Conference ( NIICO) that was held in Naivasha in November 2018 begun to bear fruits with many investors expressing their interests to set up companies in the county.

The administration is looking forward to holding its second International Investors Conference.

Other projects the devolved unit is looking forward to being established in the county are the Kengen Textile City Park and the Kabarak University Smart City.

“Several investors present during the conference expressed their interests and capabilities to set up their base in various parts of the county alluding that Nakuru has had the capabilities of providing a convenient location for logistics as a way of pursuing more investors,” Said the Governor.

He further uttered that policies should be put in place to promote the competitiveness of local industries, encourage value addition and diversity of locally manufactured products.

According to the recent review on the GDP by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Nakuru is the second leading county in terms of the economy after Nairobi ahead of other capital cities Mombasa and Kisumu.

Mr. Kinyanjui said the county’s 6 percent contribution to the economy is likely to increase due to the ongoing and other planned industrial developments that are anticipated to boost the county’s economy and create more employment opportunities.

Nakuru is centrally located and is therefore accessible from the other corners of the country which makes it an industrial destination.

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06 Nov
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In line with the Government of Kenya’s (GOK) big four agenda on Affordable Housing, the County Government of Nakuru through the Leadership of Governor Lee Kinyanjui is taking steps to provide adequate and affordable housing for it’s growing population under the Naivasha Affordable Housing project that was launched today.

The devolved unit in collaboration with the World Bank Group (WBG) and UkAid has identified and committed a 55-acre parcel of land in Naivasha with the objective of delivering affordable housing units to its citizens.

Speaking during the official launch of the project,H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui who is the chair of the Council of Governor for Urban Planning Housing, Development, Lands Infrastructure and Energy committee said that the aim is to facilitate achievement of cheap housing units stating that the county is leveraging on the land identified to attract private investors towards the delivery of a minimum of 24,000 affordable housing units.

“The well-being of the residents of this county is of paramount importance to the county’s administration and we are committed to ensuring all the necessary measures are taken to ensure compliance to requisite regulations and standards in the various spectrum of our day to day activities,” said the Governor.

He moreover said that a conducive, well planned and maintained urban and rural environment will go along way in ensuring that the well-being of Nakuru residents is maintained.

The devolved unit is looking forward to working closely with the National government for the successful completion of the project.

He urged his colleagues from other counties to set aside funds for the budget of supporting the Affordable Housing project.

According to the CEC in charge of Land, Housing and Physical Planning Francis Mwangi, the World Bank last year first-lined Nakuru as the pioneer county in the realization of president Kenyatta’s ambitious big four agenda plan to build 500,000 houses by the end of 2022.

The World Bank Group is providing technical assistance to the administration as part of IFC’s Kenya Competitiveness Enhancement program(KECP) which is a grant-funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Naivasha Affordable Housing project is linked to DFID’s Suitable Urban Economic Development (SUED) program which is supporting emerging urban centers in Kenya to put in place sustainable urban economic plans to improve the investment climate and draw in investment for key climate-resilient infrastructure and value chain projects.

Also present were CEC finance Dr. Peter Ketyenye and CEC Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Dr. Immaculate Maina.

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