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County, Cargill Kenya Ltd partner to train farmers on proper post-harvest handling mechanisms

The County Government of Nakuru has continuously provided a conducive environment for Public-Private Partnerships to increase the value of farm produce for grain farmers and add value by connecting them to markets across the County.

Officials from Cargill Kenya Limited paid a courtesy call to Agriculture CECM Dr Immaculate Maina to discuss strategies to increase capacity in the uptake of Maize and Wheat from farmers to the warehouse.

During the meeting, it was agreed that farmers will be trained on how to ensure the quality of their grains is achieved and inform them about the ready market for their produce.

Agriculture CECM Dr Immaculate Maina said the partnership will not only help boost the efforts by National Cereals and Produce Board to trade commercially in agricultural commodities but also help reduce post-harvest losses since the organization provides cleaning, drying and storage services.

The partnership will target farmers and organized groups to increase productivity and profitability.

Dr Maina further said the County Government will have consultations with the Cereals Growers Association to reach a huge number of grain farmers and strengthen the ability to offer services to small scale and commercial farmers in the county.

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County explores partnership to enhance higher users’ safety

The County Government of Nakuru has started discussions with National Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority (NCTTCA) seeking to support Private investors to set up Road Side Stations.

A team from County Government led by Roads CEC Eng. Reuben Maritim and those from NCTTCA led by Director Denis Lewa Muganga held a meeting at County Headquarters.

NCTTCA is a government agency mandated to ensure the safety of transport along the corridor linking landlocked countries of Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda to the Ports of Mombasa.

Out of the 67 Stations that will be soon established in all the six-member countries, 22 are in Kenya.

A survey was conducted and Kikopey in Gigil was selected to be the most suitable because every day it has at least 200 parked trucks.
Interestingly, an investor from the area has already shown interest to develop it and after assessment, he has been given a greenlight.

This will be the first proposed Roadside station in the country.

According to Eng. Maritim besides creating employment and investment opportunities, Road Side Station will ensure safe parking for trucks leaving the Mombasa Ports to the 6 countries across the region.

“These stations will also promote organized parking, safety & security for cargo and creation of employment,” he said
Some of the amenities that will be at the Station include a petrol station, restaurants, bars, toilets, shops and lodges.

Other informal stages that these long-distance trucks are parked are in Maai Mahiu, Salgaa, and Mau Summit.
Chief Officer of Roads and Transport Johnson Kamau among other officials were also present.

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First Lady equips PLWDs with mobility equipment

To reduce poverty levels, dependence and social exclusion, we must tap the potential of men and women living with disabilities and recognize their contribution to societies.

In this spirit, the Office of the First Lady delivered wheelchairs, facemasks and mosquito nets to individual homes of PWDs in Molo and Kuresoi North Sub counties.

Working with all relevant stakeholders, we will strive to end the pervasive exclusion of this special group from development programs by ensuring their participation and recognition as active contributing members of society.

Many of these people are gifted and abled differently and therefore, we will support them to work so to take part in building their families, societies and nation at large.

Beneficiaries of today’s exercise were Joseph Ng’ang’a(Turi), Peninah Njambi (Temuyota 5), Josephine (Molo town) and Pauline Wairimu from 20Acres area.

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County distributes 36,800 avocado seedlings in Kuresoi North, Bahati, Rongai, Njoro and Molo sub-counties

The County has so far distributed over 36,800 avocado seedlings, on a budget of Shs10.7 million in Kuresoi North, Bahati, Rongai, Njoro and Molo sub-counties.

This is under the Crop Diversification Program launched in 2018 by Governor Lee Kinyanjui in a bid to help increase forest cover and increased income to communities.

Today over 9,800 seedlings were been distributed in Kiptororo, Turi and Kihingo Wards. Agriculture Chief Officer Mr Kibet Maina oversaw the distribution of 6,600 seedlings in Kiptororo Ward, Kuresoi North.

He said the County would train farmers to set up fruit nurseries across the County to bridge seedlings production and distribution gaps.

The County has recorded success in the sale of mature fruits to various processors earning farmers between Shs80-120 per kilogram.

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County pipes Langalanga Level 4 Hospital with Oxygen in COVID-19 preparedness measure

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised global oxygen demand and made the delivery of Oxygen supplies more urgent.

Last month, thousands in India, a world leader in healthcare, lost the battle against COVID-19 due to shortages of Oxygen.

The ‘deadly’ Indian variant has been detected in Kisumu and neighbouring Uganda, putting Nakuru County at high risk.

To this effect, the County Government of Nakuru has made a conscious decision to upgrade its Oxygen production capacity.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui has said his administration would be ramping up oxygen production to over 2,000 metric tonnes per day.

His administration is also scaling up and accelerating the roll-out of oxygen and other accessories in all major hospitals.

The County has already invited qualified, interested and eligible bidders for Oxygen piping at the Langalanga sub-County Hospital.

This means each bed at the Langalanga COVID-19 Isolation and Treatment Center will have Oxygen taps on the wall and a steady Oxygen supply.

Governor Lee’s administration has set aside 32 per cent of this financial year’s County budget towards improving healthcare services.

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Kuresoi North, Molo farmers receive County pyrethrum, avocado seedlings

The County Government of Nakuru has distributed 260,000 pyrethrum seedlings to farmers in Chepkoburot and Tiloa locations in Kuresoi North sub-county.

The exercise is under the pyrethrum revival program launched by H.E Governor Lee Kinyanjui in 2018.

Since revival, the County has so far managed to have over 1500 acres of pyrethrum and has attracted various processors who buy the flowers at no lower than 200/- per kilogram.

The exercise was led by Agriculture Chief Officer, Mr Kibet Maina, who strongly advised farmers against selling their flowers to brokers who demand lower prices.

He added that farmers ought to put in more effort in handling the industrial crop by engaging in best practices throughout production, and drying and storing as they await markets.

Next week the County will distribute the remaining 240,000 seedlings in the same sub-county. Kuresoi North is the only sub-county receiving 500,000 seedlings this financial year.

Later in the day, the County Government also distributed some 10,000 avocado seedlings in Elburgon ward, Molo sub-county which benefited some 2,000 farmers.

This is aimed at increasing forest cover in addition to increasing farmers’ income through the sale of the fruits under the Crop Diversification Program.

Chief Officer Mr Kibet Maina got the jump on the distribution accompanied by area MCA Njuguna Mwaura, County youth advisor, Sir Paul Ndirangu among other County officials.

This year the County will distribute over 36,800 seedlings with sub-counties like Molo, Rongai, Bahati, Njoro and Kuresoi North.

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County partners with Afya Ugavi to enhance healthcare service delivery

The County Government of Nakuru is closely working with development partners to enhance healthcare service delivery to residents, even in the smallest of community units.

To achieve this, the Department of Health Services has partnered with Afya Ugavi- a USAID funded project to form a Health Products and Technologies Units(HPTU).

In return, HPTU will oversee the management of health products across the County for effective supply chain and health commodity systems strengthening.

It will also provide quality assurance quantification and also advocate for accountability in the management of health products and technologies.

According to the Chief Officer for Public Health, Dr Daniel Wainaina the HPTU will streamline the forecasting and management of all essential health commodities at all levels of care.

“This will, in turn, benefit the end-users who are Nakuru County residents with an assured of constant availability of quality health products and improved health outcomes,” he stated.

That means the partnership will solve the major gap of inefficiencies in coordination and logistics thus ensuring an uninterrupted supply of and rational use of health commodities at all times.

Previously, supply chain responsibilities were scattered across programs and they remained unassigned or unfulfilled, a thing that slowed or lowered healthcare service delivery.

Mr Dan Minge, a program officer at Afya Ugavi said the 5-year supply chain strategy will be rolled out across the County to provide policy and directions on inventory management.

Good management of HTPs is important to ensure that the quality of these valuable commodities is maintained up to the point of use and that items required for delivery of quality health care are continuously available.

Afya Ugavi will provide comprehensive technical assistance to strengthen supply chains of commodities that prevent and treat HIV/AIDS and malaria and support family planning/reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health.

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County distributes poultry, dairy equipment in Elementaita Ward for economic empowerment

The County Government of Nakuru has distributed 10 incubators with backup generators and 2320 fertilized eggs to 10 farmers groups in Elementaita Ward, Gilgil Sub County.

In addition to that, 35 groups received 35 spray pumps and 35 stainless steel milk cans of 50 litres.

The distribution seeks to empower small scale farmers with farming equipment to increase the productivity of their farm produce.

The farmers were also trained on how to use the equipment and were urged to join cooperatives to allow them to bargain for better markets easily.

County Minister for Agriculture Dr Immaculate Maina said that the County Government will continue to provide training to farmers in addition to distributing incubators to farmers to increase the bird population in the County for economic stability.

Dr Maina further said the stainless steel milk cans will help improve the safety of the milk and the county will train the youth to be spray service providers on proper use and spraying of chemicals.

Farmers in the ward had previously been issued with a tractor, baling machine, Avocado and macadamia seedlings.

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County doctors perform another rare, complex surgery

Once again, Doctors at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital have made a medical practice breakthrough after successfully carrying out a rare and complex surgical procedure for the first time in the hospital’s 65 years history.

The Doctors removed the Glomus Vagale Tumour on the neck of a 4 years old boy in a procedure that took a combined effort of doctors, nurses and anaesthetists over 5 hours to accomplish at the hospital’s main theatre.

Mr Kiuka Domongolui who is a resident of West Pokot County said his son, Lopeyok Chesirwen developed breathing and feeding complications a year ago but could not get even the basic of medical attention.

In 2018, Doctors at the same hospital conducted four awake craniotomies. This is a surgery of the brain while the patient is fully awake. Before then, no such surgery had been carried out at the hospital.

Medical Superintendent, Dr Aisha Maina who witnessed the Glomus Vagale Tumour excision surgery said the facility has been receiving complex referral cases from neighbouring counties due to improved service delivery.

Dr Aisha explained that the County has for the last three years invested heavily in healthcare infrastructural upgrades, equipping facilities and sponsoring specialized training of County healthcare workers.

Dr Michael Sitima, an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital, who led the surgery, said the 16 centimetres long tumour was deep-seated in the neck and adversely affected the vagus nerve that controls swallowing, breathing and vocalization.

The surgery session also came as a learning experience for students pursuing Higher Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery at the Kenya Medical Training College – Nakuru Campus.

KMTC- Nakuru Campus students Mr Jospeh Omondi and Mr Amos Lang’at said they had a great experience witnessing such special surgeries they have only been reading on books.

The County Government of Nakuru has prioritized healthcare services improvement in the local development agenda by allocating over 32 per cent, amounting to Sh6.3 billion, of the total budget to healthcare financing every financial year.

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County extends greening program to CBD

The County Government of Nakuru last night launched a tree planting exercise targeting all streets within Nakuru Municipality.

A team from the Department of Water and Environment led by Chief Officer Environment Kiogora Muriithi embarked on the exercise last evening, planting trees along Kenyatta Avenue in Nakuru town.

According to Mr Muriithi, the trees are part of the greening program that has been ongoing. In the last phase, trees were planted along with Statehouse, Section 58, Naka and Free Area estates in Nakuru East sub-County.

Mr Muriithi added that the trees will also make Nakuru a green city, making it friendly to the residents.

Other measures that the County Government has taken to beautify Nakuru town include rehabilitation of Nyayo gardens, purchase of waste bins and blocking herders from bringing livestock into the CBD.

The County Government is also in the process of rehabilitating Naivasha Municipal park.

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