Finance and Planning

Department of Finance and Economic Planning


  • Mobilization of public resources.
  • Management of County public procurement & disposal.
  • Public investments management policy.
  • Public investment oversight.
  • Preparation of budget & management of the County Government Resources.
  • Economic policy analysis & management.
  • Promotion of Economic & Financial Governance.
  • Management of Public department.
  • Design & presentation of County Government financial management systems and standards.
  • Custodian of County Government Assets and property.
  • Custodian of official statistics in the County.
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive and reliable County socio-economic database.
  • Quality assurance of statistical information.
  • Collection and compilation of statistical information.
  • Analysis of statistical information.
  • Publication and dissemination of statistical information for public use.
  • Coordination, monitoring and supervision of the county statistical system.
  • County development planning.
  • Perform any other functions assigned by the Governor.

Physical Location:
Telephone: (051) 2214142

  • County Executive – Stephen Iribe Njogu
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