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05 May
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County expedites recruitment process to fight COVID-19

By Ruth Magak
The County Government of Nakuru has expedited the recruitment of healthcare workers to support the management of Coronavirus Disease.

Late last year, the County Public Service Board advertised for some 380 posts in various cadres to meet the healthcare worker – patient ratio.

Medical Services CO Dr Solomon Sirma said 27 newly recruited Medical Officers are being training on the COVID-19 surveillance, prevention and management measures.

Others undergoing the training are Medical Laboratory Technologist from the Kenya Prisons Service’s Nakuru, Naivasha and Kericho facilities.

“Different cadres are immediately inducted and trained once cleared by the CPSB,” explained Dr Sirma.

He added that the County Government of Nakuru had submitted its healthcare workers requirement to the national government for recruitment under the Universal Health Coverage.

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01 May
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COVID-19: SDA youth leaders donate masks

World over, religious institutions have been identified as key players the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
They have donated equipment, acted as channels of mass public health education, offered psychosocial support and humanitarian assistance.
The County Government of Nakuru has been open for such partnerships to complement its surveillance, prevention and management efforts against COVID-19.

“Only collaborative partnerships would help meet total resource requirements in implementing COVID-19 pandemic strategies,” stated Governor Lee Kinyanjui in an earlier address.

Nakuru Central Seventh-Day Adventist Church has today donated 500 standard reusable cloth masks to be distributed to vulnerable communities.
The masks have been produced by Master Guides, the top leaders of the church’s Pathfinder movement, who also recently donated litter bins to help keep Nakuru CBD clean.
Receiving the consignment, Public Health CO Mr Samuel King’ori said every donation made has been catalogued and will be accounted for in days to come.
He urged well-wishers to use set government channels while distributing food and non-food donations to avert crowding that would lead to mass transmissions or stampedes.
County Attorney Hon. Caleb Nyamwange thanked the youth for the donations and advised them to start businesses that address gaps occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.
Nakuru Central SDA Church Master Guide leader Mr Paul Odhiambo said the group is ready to partner with the County Government of Nakuru in many other ways in combating COVID-19 pandemic,

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